Sudsbuddy Difference

Tailgating is an option
with the Sudsbuddy®.

The Sudsbuddy® kegerator is so much more durable than those "old square coolers," that we now offer a lifetime warranty on the body and door against cracking, blistering, peeling, or rusting. Over time the "old square cooler" could rust from condensation, causing the floor of the unit to fail due to the weight of kegs and thin construction of the fabricated metal. This will never happen to a Sudsbuddy® and we back it up with our industry exclusive "Limited Lifetime Warranty." It's just another feature the "old square coolers" can only dream about. Ask our competition if they can offer a lifetime warranty. See if they will match our commitment to quality and also ask, is it "Made in the USA".

Side by side comparison of the old square cooler and the Sudsbuddy.
Draft Tower Cooling is Standard Equipment.
Cooled forced air is blown into the tower via tubing. This greatly reduces foaming, your beer is cold from keg to faucet into your glass!
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