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Monitoring Your Sudsbuddy®’s Temperature

  • The original Sudsbuddy® was produced without a thermometer, which was resolved in the current model, through the use of a digital thermometer incorporated into the temperature control unit.
  • It is important to know that every time your unit’s door is opened, you permit the environment of your unit to change drastically, so it is best to monitor your Sudsbuddy®’s temperature using a thermometer that utilizes a probe sensor that either communicates with the thermometer through a wire or wirelessly.
  • Your Sudsbuddy®, under ideal conditions (i.e., not stored in direct sunlight, not stored within a very hot ambient environment, not stored next to a uranium rod, not stored next to a neighbor’s burning house, that may or may not have been started by your unattended grill, etc.), should be able to achieve and maintain temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so if your Sudsbuddy®’s temperature will not drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it might have a fever.
  • If your Sudsbuddy® might have a fever, please continue reading, otherwise, if your Sudsbuddy® is in good health and you are happy with the temperature of the beverage pouring from your spout, feel free to pour yourself a nice pint and read on to learn more about your Sudsbuddy®, as you might learn something that will keep it from getting a hangover.

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Power Supply

  • Your Sudsbuddy® is designed for portability, with a switch that permits you to operate the unit using either alternating current (AC), which is what is provided by your local power company, or direct current (DC), which is what is provided by a vehicle’s electrical system. As alluded to in Step 1, a power cord comes as a standard part of your Sudsbuddy®’s power supply, which enables the unit to be operated using the electricity available through any standard wall outlet. In order to operate your Sudsbuddy® using a vehicle’s electrical system, you must purchase the optional cigarette lighter adapter, and attach it to the dedicated line that is also a standard part of your Sudsbuddy®’s power supply.
  • In addition to the cords attached to your Sudsbuddy®’s power supply, you will need to become familiar with a Home/Travel switch on the back of your Sudsbuddy® that enables your Sudsbuddy® to operate using either AC or DC, as discussed above. The switch has two positions, being “Home” and “Travel.” In order for your Sudsbuddy® to operate using AC (when the Sudsbuddy® is plugged into a wall outlet or surge protector), the switch must be in the Home position. In order for your Sudsbuddy® to operate using DC (when the Sudsbuddy® is plugged into a vehicle’s electrical system), the switch must be in the Travel position.
  • If your switch is not already in the Home position, place it there now.
  • If your Sudsbuddy® is not already plugged into a wall outlet or surge protector, do so now – due to the fact that your Sudsbuddy® operates using electronic components and most of you reside where there are surges and spikes in the power grid, we HIGHLY recommend investing in a quality surge protector, which should be installed between your wall outlet and your Sudsbuddy®’s power cord.
  • Your Sudsbuddy®’s power supply unit is located at the bottom left side on the back of the cooler and it is covered by a perforated metal sheet that is secured by Phillips screws.
  • Remove the cover only and check to see if you have a yellowish-green LED light lit inside the power supply located on the unit’s bottom right side (see following picture). If you do, that is good. If you don’t, confirm that your unit is plugged into a wall outlet and that there is power running to the wall outlet.

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  • There are three fans incorporated into your Sudsbuddy®, with two of them on the back of the unit and one inside the unit. Observe each of them and make sure that their fan blades are spinning.
  • Each fan’s guards and blades should be relatively dust-free. If they are not, use a vacuum cleaner to reduce any accumulated dust.
  • If the fan blades are spinning, flip the Home/Travel switch from its present position and listen to the fans and take note of any change in speed. Once you have noted the change in speed, place the switch in the position where the fans are spinning at the highest speed, which should be the Home position.
  • After your Sudsbuddy® has been plugged in for a few minutes, place your hand near each of the two fans positioned on the back of the unit, one at a time, to see if you notice a temperature difference. Ideally, both fans should be blowing out the same air temperature. If it is difficult for you to determine whether there is a difference in temperature, you might consider using an infrared thermometer to read the temperature of each fan’s exhaust.

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Cooling Unit Cleanliness

  • Your Sudsbuddy® uses a thermoelectric effect to cool your kegs and the effect is optimized with adequate air flow around the cooling unit. There is a rectangular filter on the right and left sides of the back of your unit and they should be checked regularly to make sure that they are free of any accumulated dust.
  • To rule out an effect caused by accumulated dust, for the next steps beyond this point, ENSURE THAT YOUR SUDSBUDDY® IS UNPLUGGED AND NOT CONNECTED TO ANY SOURCE OF ELECTRICITY.
  • Remove the filters and either rinse them in warm water or carefully blow them clean with compressed air. If you elect to rinse them, be sure that they are completely dry before securing them to the back of the unit.
  • While filters are removed, if you haven’t already done so, remove the plastic sheet secured between the two filters and examine the cooling unit, which will appear to be a block of aluminum with protruding wires and the fans mentioned above will be attached to it. The cooling unit should be free of accumulated dust.
  • If the cooling unit requires cleaning, use compressed air to clean the unit to the best of your ability and take advantage of the opportunity to further inspect the fans and their blades to make sure that they are also clean and in good operating condition.
  • Once the cooling unit and filters are clean, return the plastic sheet to where it was secured, along with the filters.

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Adequate Unobstructed Space

  • In addition to keeping the filters free of accumulated dust, we recommend that you maintain at least four inches of unobstructed space between your unit and the wall or any furniture.

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Defrosting Your Sudsbuddy

  • While your Sudsbuddy® is unplugged, this is a good time to defrost your cooling unit, so place a towel on the inside of the unit to absorb any thaw.

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Adequate Insulation and Fit

While your Sudsbuddy® is defrosting, inspect the following to make sure that they are in good working order:

  • Is your Sudsbuddy® door closing evenly and tightly around the entire perimeter?
  • Is your Sudsbuddy® door’s insulating gasket seal in place and in good condition?
  • Are your Sudsbuddy® door hinges tight and secure or do they permit the door to sag when open?
  • Are your Sudsbuddy® door clasps grabbing the door and holding it closed securely?

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Reassemble Your Unit and See If Your Efforts Have an Effect

  • Reassemble the unit.
  • Plug the unit into a wall outlet.
  • Ensure that there is power running to the wall outlet.
  • Re-evaluate the health and welfare of your Sudsbuddy®.
  • If you are still concerned, complete the following form and one of your friendly Sudsbuddy® team members will contact you to further evaluate your unit.

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