What Our Buddies are Saying

PETER G. - "My Sudsbuddy has made my life more convenient! I used to purchase cans of beer each week. Now I buy keg beer and it has totally eliminated the hassle of storing my empty cans, not to mention there's less recycling to haul to the curb each week. I also enjoy having plenty of cold beer "on tap" when I'm watching sports. I recommend the Sudsbuddy to all my friends."

JOHN P. - "I love the portability of the Sudsbuddy cooler. I place it out by the swimming pool during the summer for parties. That means no one drips water through the house just to refill their beer mug! It's real handy for tailgating at the racetrack too. No cans to mess with and the beer stays nice and cold."

AMANDA S. - "Being single has its advantages, like having friends over to watch sports or throwing impromptu parties. I always keep a 1/2 keg of beer on tap in my Sudsbuddy to accommodate any situation! It's lightweight and has no heavy compressor, which makes it easy to move around. I've even placed it on my deck to extend my parties to the backyard."

MIKE R. - "I'm a home brewer and the Sudsbuddy has been a lifesaver for me. It allows me to brew any time of year, even during hot summer months. Although I can't control the fluctuating temperatures inside my home, I am able to regulate the internal temperature inside the Sudsbuddy cooler. This gives me the control I need to ferment my beer in a stable temperature environment."

ROBERT F . - "Nothing beats the Sudsbuddy for a large party. My wife and I frequently entertain and our guests enjoy the ability to serve themselves. The cooler is attractively designed and looks nice in any location we place it in our home. In fact, every home should have a Sudsbuddy!"

If you appreciate quality and demand outstanding value, if you enjoy fun filled times with family and friends, if you are a home brewer or your drink keg commercial beer or ferment ales to lagers in carboys.

Sudsbuddy is all you need!

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